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Leslie Ullman Author & Writing Consultant

Leslie Ullman, author and writing consultant

About Consulting

I taught for twenty-seven years at University of Texas-El Paso, where I served as Director of the Creative Writing Program for many of those years, and established the Bilingual MFA Program.

As a manuscript consultant, I help to edit and polish prose pieces as well as poetry, with a majority of my work being book length poetry manuscripts.  more about teaching...

Newest Publication from Leslie Ullman

Progress on the Subject of Immensity

"For over thirty years now, Leslie Ullman has steadily refined a poetry of the most acute and lyrically precise mindfulness, of what one of her poems calls the 'greater alertness.' This method has been forged in part by her ability to render the harsh beauties of the southwestern landscapes that have been her adopted home. More important still, however, is her almost shamanistic willingness to visit those liminal states between waking and dreaming, conventional reality and phantasm--states that sometimes offer menace, sometimes wonderment. This is all to say that Leslie Ullman is a poet of the first order, writing at the height of her very considerable powers." —David Wojahn, author of World Tree

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