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Leslie Ullman, author, writing consultant

I taught for twenty-seven years at University of Texas-El Paso, where I served as Director of the Creative Writing Program for many of those years, and established the Bilingual MFA Program. I also taught and still teach in the low-residency MFA Program at Vermont College of the Fine Arts. more about teaching...

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Library Of Small Happiness

Not since William Stafford’s quartet of meditations on the writing life has there been a book about the craft of poetry that is as ego-less, open-minded, intuitive, generous, encouraging, and just plain smart as Leslie Ullman’s Library of Small Happiness.A hybrid collection of essays, writing exercises, and selections from her own poetry, it explores from many angles the mysterious process of entering what she calls the “sacred space” in which we both write and read poems.  One of the many poems she discusses with feeling and insight along the way is Adrienne Rich’s “The Loser,” in which a man tells the woman he loved and lost that he envies her husband for getting to live “forever in a house lit by the friction of your mind.” Ullman’s book is just such a house, and every room in it is lit by the beautiful friction of her mind.  Anyone who wishes to learn how to write poetry will want to live in its light forever.

—David Jauss

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